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Writing in the Ether: determination

my little girl

I have decided to make Mondays all about writing… A subject some of you might not be interested in, but let’s face it; I am.

Monday is the day a week begins (obviously) and I feel better making this blog a vehicle for my goals. In that vein I wish to make each Monday a fresh start, it doesn’t matter how much (or how little) work I got done last week, it only matters that this week I have a clean slate. On Monday I can forgive myself for all the mistakes I’ve made and focus in on what I can do.

This week is chapter 1. Easily the hardest chapter in any book, because it is where you capture the audience’s attention and bring them into your world, be it fiction, biography, how-to, whatever. Nevermind how apt it is that I am beginning chapter 1 this Monday; the first ‘Writing Monday’ on my blog.

Now, as to the title.

I know that with these first blog posts I am only writing for my friends and family, but since everyone knows the old adage, “if it’s on the internet, it’s there forever” I know hope that my audience will grow and some people may go through the backlog of these posts looking for other beads of wisdom (haha I laugh at myself for writing that: but sue me; I am and always will be an optimist).

As one can see, I have doubt. I think all new writers (anybody beginning a new career really) have doubts; will I be successful? can I make a living at this? how will it change me? et all… But I think the trick is to keep your head up and ignore (for the most part) the doubtful voice in your head that whispers words like “I can’t” or “I don’t”.

I’ll impart a story that illustrates (at least for me) determination.

 My mom, (my daughter) Llyra and me all went to the mall this past autumn (November) for some semi-early christmas shopping. And Llyra got all upset as we were driving, crying hard and we didn’t know what was wrong until we stopped in the parking lot & she impromptu vomited all down her front & inside her shirt. It was a lot and it smelled awful. So I carried her (30 lbs & 2 years old) sausage-style (back to floor, chest to ceiling) into the mall food court where the bathroom was (which is not a short walk) & halfway there she got so heavy that I wanted to stop to just breathe and give my arms a rest (all her weight was on my forearms). But I didn’t. I just kept saying to myself, “One more step, just one more step. Only a little father,” because I had to get my poor little girl to that bathroom as fast as possible. All the while she stared up at me, quiet, trusting that Mommy would take care of it.
I know that I’ll never forget that incident, because it showed me that I have strength and determination. Willpower enough to handle whatever happens with calm dignity and swift action. (I pity anyone who gets in the way of a parent trying to take care of their child.)
A lot of my life parallels, my daughter shows me my own capabilities all the time and those capabilities are what I need to succeed, with her and with what I’ve chosen to do with my life.
So, is there anyone who’s helped you on your path? Or shown you something about yourself that you didn’t know before? Tell me your story of determination.
So leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you.
Happy Magical Monday 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Writing in the Ether: determination

  1. Judy Yaworski on said:

    I remember my life with my young children. They made me better than I was. I am prepared for the rest of what my life offers to me because of the time well spent with their enthusiasm and zest for what life offered. I need to live life for the moments I am given and remember that life truly is a beautiful place to live.
    Thank you to my daughters.

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