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The Kiss of Death


“I’ll fit ‘it’ in some time at some point”

Believe it or not, these words are the kiss of death for any dream or aspiration. ‘It’ can be replaced with almost anything; ‘going back to school’, ‘writing time’, ‘cleaning my house’… etc.

I’m guilty of a few of these “get to it” sins too.

death literally means:

1. a : a permanent cessation of all vital functions : the end of life — compare brain death b : an instance of dying deaths>
2. a : the cause or occasion of loss of life <drinking was the death of him> b : a cause of ruin <the slander that was death to my character — Wilkie Collins>
3. capitalized : the destroyer of life represented usually as a skeleton with a scythe
4. : the state of being dead
5. a : the passing or destruction of something inanimate <the death of vaudeville> b : extinction
8. Christian Science : the lie of life in matter : that which is unreal and untrue
Wow… To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that extensive a definition; but you get the point… Don’t make excuses. Don’t let the “lack of time” or whatever else take away from what you want to do or what you have to do. There will only ever be 24 hours in the day so plan for them (I know, I know. I’m still learning this one too.) Identify those things that eat your time (t.v. or surfing the web or whatever) and set yourself a time limit for them. Then get to what you must do.
Any thing you’ve had trouble with the kiss of death for? Or recently resurrected back to life? I love hearing from you guys so drop me a line anytime! 🙂

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