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My Top 10 Ways to Silence the Monsters in My Head


For some, monsters are fictional creatures, for others they are evil offenders in prisons; but for me they are people I’ve met in my life whom I’ve had to overcome (like an antagonist). To be honest, they started out ordinary people, and it’s been years since I got over them, but I realised that I still hear their voices in my head… but some time ago their voices turned into mine; the doubting voice in my head that tells me I can’t accomplish something or that I’m not good enough or even questioning my abilities. “My monster still walks, but I can’t tell anymore if it’s still the monster it started out as or the monster I created and carry with me.”

The hardest part is silencing that voice. I’m certain that it’ll always be there, but I have figured out some tactics for to fight it.

1) Playing with my 2-year-old daughter.

The funny thing about playing with your kids is it allows you to get out of your own head for a while. The sound of their laughter makes the world feel just a bit brighter. (For those of you that don’t have kids; pets work too.)

2) Reading a book

I feel sorry for people who don’t read because it allows you to leave your own life for a while and just relax. I’m an avid reader, and for me it’s not because I have a horrible life, but because I love the imagination; like dreaming while you’re awake.

3) Take a shower

Getting clean is symbolic as well as literal. You get to wash away the dirt of the day and your self-depreciating attitude along with it.

4) Clean your house

This has the same effect as taking a shower, only it’s scrubbing the dirt away from your environment. Cleansing.

5) Get a massage

Self explanatory. If you’ve never had one, get one, you’ll understand.

6) Have coffee with your friends (a beer works too)

Company who loves you is a wonderful thing to be valued and cherished.

7) Go for a walk

A bit of nature goes a long way. I much prefer summer walks to winter ones because of the warmth.

8) Do something you loved as a child

For me it’s swings. Find out what yours is and do it.

9) Get a chocolate fix

This one seems silly but chocolate has an enzyme in it that creates an effect like happiness in your body. (A good thing.)

10) Write in a journal

Writing down your bad feeling allows you to acknowledge them and then let them go.

I hope this list helped, and please let me know of any methods I missed that work for you. xoxo Have a great Wednesday! 🙂


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One thought on “My Top 10 Ways to Silence the Monsters in My Head

  1. These are all great ideas and I have used many of them repeatedly!! I am amazed how much different I always feel after a shower. I always start my day with one, even when I’m not going out 🙂

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