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Teddy Bears


🙂 lol I love this photo.

My daughter has a long-limbed red monkey that I know helps her go to sleep every night… that and a sippy of milk… and maybe some Mommy cuddles too.

But the truly great part about this, was and still is, that everyone has a toy that did this for them. Mine was a regular brown bear named Kirby. He wasn’t fluffy; and he’s so old now that his felt nose has rubbed off almost completely, but the stuffing inside is packed so tight, that unless The Natural Disaster gets ahold of him, (which she won’t) isn’t going anywhere.

I think that as we get older we don’t lose those mental ‘protectors’, only reform them. When you’re little they’re your teddy bear; but when you grow up they’re far less tangible. Sometimes it’s easier to ‘see’ the ‘monsters’ than the way to fight them.

So, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I’ve already written some about the monsters in my previous blog My Top 10 Ways to Silence the Monsters in My Head in which I tried to fight them. I think that in this blog I’m trying to identify the fighters themselves and where we might develop them from; because I’m just neurotic interesting that way. 🙂

So, who was your ‘fighter’? The teddy bear you couldn’t let go of? Or if you did; the one you’ll never forget?

xoxo I love hearing from you guys. 🙂 So drop me a line. Happy Friday… Er… Saturday?


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