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Poetry in Lit

Poetry… It’s a beautiful thing when done right, even sometimes when it’s done ‘wrong’. It can paint pictures of places, feeling, and any other thing the author requires; it’s versatility is unquestionable, while always sustaining an air of mystery.

Sometimes you won’t find it in a poetry book or at a reading; sometimes you’ll find it as the inspirational basis for a fiction novel (Nora Roberts is notorious for them); but the place where poetry is the most prolific, and to be honest lucrative, is  music. Musical quotes litter our lives, get stuck in our head, and if you’re a writer, permeate your work too.

I’ve seen a little rhyming quote at the beginning of a book do more for setting up the feel of an entire book than a prologue on occasion. Aswell, some only serve to confuse until much late in the story when the reader realises that the author meant it as a clue to the final outcome. I find the best clues can stand on their own, be hidden in the background, and make perfect sense of their purpose at the end, all without confusing the reader along the way with seemingly useless information.

I wish to use poetry in my most recent WIP as part of the important as well as mysterious dialogue. I don’t know if it’s wise for the overall feel, or subtle (I have a feeling someone will call it contrived) but I feel it fits, and with the beauty of my work, I can tweak it until I’m happy with it. Or if it won’t fit no matter what, then I’ll scrap the idea for fresh. lol 🙂

Sounds simple I know, but I am not a pantser in the traditional sense, but I would consider myself a pantser in the area of ideas; I like story ideas that hit me at the weirdest times and the oddest hours because they’re anything but contrived. I’ve woken up at 3am before from a dream scene that totally clicked and worked for my story.

(Probably why I have so many story threads, come to think of it… well that and I hate mysteries in life and in fiction.)

Poetry can be really cool too. Even though it’s in a language that I can’t read the imagery that Meer Taqi Meer ephass (hope that’s right) creates with Shahnawaz Alam Ahmed is clear in any language.

With that image I’ll leave off until Friday. So happy Wednesday everybody!

Are there any books that any of you can recall with poetry, or one that didn’t have it that might have benefitted from its use? Drop me a comment anytime. 🙂


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