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The Missing Link

How do we get more out of life? We get ready for it!  A big part of the way people perceive us is the way we dress and our general body language. For instance; what does the picture above say?

My S.O. hates it when I don’t get out of my p.j.’s all day because he perceives it as apathy. Also there is a lot to be said for what a suit or a fancy dress says about someone. The really cool part is that the perception of these is personal to the one perceiving it.

Ideally the way we perceive others and ourselves is fair and unbiased and that the clothes without reflect the personality (and possibly the intentions) of the person within. Lets face it, many things do that; body hygiene, music choice, accessories, pets (or lack thereof), the state of our homes… etc.

Now as to the body language, an excellent book on body language is Superflirt by Tracy Cox. In it, among other things, she discusses in just the first chapter titled, The Basics “…Get what you want without saying a word. Plus tips on how to talk to strangers, invade someone’s space, eye up the talent, and turn someone on-in a mere 10 seconds,” all based on body language… Impossible you say? Drop me a comment and perhaps you may borrow the book from me. Lol subtle? I think not!

Also this book is semi-interactive making it really distinctive (and awesome in my books). What’s your flirting style? uses 3 basic types a) The Auditory b) The Kinesthetic and c) The Visual. Also included is how to spot them based on (yup you guessed it) body language, as well as, each type’s unique possessions.

The best part about this book is learning that even if you’re not a natural flirt, you can still learn it like a pro because knowing what messages you’re sending is half the battle in controlling them.

Now the missing link is harder because writers have to do all this without ever having the reader able to see any of it. This is where the psychic connection comes in… for further clarity on this phenomenon read Stephen King’s book On Writing in which he writes, “Words create sentences; sentences create paragraphs; sometimes paragraphs quicken and begin to breathe.”

I know it is kind of subliminal, but has there ever been a time where you noticed that the way you looked, dressed, flirted, ect made a difference to the one precieving you (other than the obvious job interview or bar pickup)?

xoxo I love hearing from you guys.

Happy Wednesday!



“9 Colors That Give You a Mood Boost” adapted from February 2012 Cosmopolitan magazine by Korin Miller pages 144 & 145 (for you plagiarism people out there).

#1 Red (orange-red)

If you want to be focused… Try wearing red nail polish. According to the experts red makes you pay more attention to details. Even a tiny hint of it works very well.

#2 Yellow (sunshine)

If you want to start your day with a burst of energy… Try painting your kitchen walls yellow. Something just shouts Good Morning! when you see yellow (maybe the sun is a culprit?)

#3 Purple (lavender)

If you want to be carefree and laugh… try placing a pot of violet flowers prominently in your living room. Most people associate a softer purple with happy children, so if you’re stressed out take a peek at purple. (Hmmm could this be why purple and yellow is a classic colour combo at weddings???)

#4 Green (lime)

If you want to chill out… Try using a green yoga mat. Surprise, surprise… Green is associated with nature… calming, and relaxing nature… (ahhh….)

#5 Blue (Facebook blue for lack of a better description)

If you want to come up with a cool idea… Try scribbling down thoughts using a pen with blue ink. According to the experts people who are drawn to blue are better at using their imagination. (Could this be why blue is a popular favorite colour?)

#6 Orange (pumpkin)

If you want to motivate yourself… Try using orange laces on your sneaks. Orange makes you feel more stimulated. (Maybe that’s why Halloween’s so popular.)

#7 Brown (earthy cuz I didn’t want to write dirt)

If you want to feel really comfy on a crappy day… Try hanging out at you local coffee shop. Brown rules java joints (duh Amanda), making them the perfect place to kick back when it’s yucky outside. (Hmmm one of my favourite sweaters is brown. What about you?)

#8 Black

If you want to be totally desired… Try wearing a LBD (little black dress). Ladies feel sexy in something short and black, but black itself can make you feel empowered and sophisticated, which makes you exude seductive confidence. (Hmmm is that why black is everywhere in make-up?)

And finally…

#9 White

If you want to get over a breakup… Try slipping a white cover on your duvet or quilt. According to the experts the color white makes us feel hopeful about the future. (Hmmm and I thought that the loose-leaf paper and white screen when you start a word doc was more cost-effective to produce… OMG! They’re messing with our minds!!!) Meh…

So what’s your favourite color? What do you think about where you find these colours in abundance? How does the colour of something affect your purchases or loyalties? How do you use colour effectively in your life?

Drop me a line. I love to hear from you guys!

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