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Bride Knows Best


This afternoon I was watching an episode of “Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta” titled… (you guessed it) “Bride Knows Best”. The show, based out of a bridal shop in The South, where every girl who walks in wants to please her Mama and Daddy with something beautiful. But sometimes, like in this show, the parents are not on board with the individual personality of the daughter or her taste. Like all other aspects of clothes there are some that just don’t work on the figure or make them feel confident; but with a wedding dress it’s much more pronounced.

So, this episode was all about the Bride finding her own voice, confidence and style. Like all fairy tales; this ended with everyone liking the dresses, because they saw how the Bride lit up.

I think this is a great thing for everyday life too, not just for brides. To have confidence and our own voice with our style, our careers, and what we want out of our lives!

With that I give you a TGIF!

xoxo Amanda


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